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If you’re looking for real progress when you train, you need the best guidance, so to help we’ve partnered with Polar who developed Smart Coaching. Whether it’s assessing your day-to-day fitness, monitoring daily activity, working out at the right intensity during Personal Co-Training or the 4 Series Programs, Smart Coaching offers a choice of unique, easy-to-use features, personalized to your needs and designed for maximum enjoyment and motivation when training.

Polar Flow – Say hello to the benefits of heart rate training

Ever wondered if your training is as efficient as you’d like it to be? When you see the heart rate zone you should be aiming at and get immediate guidance from the instructor all along the way, you know you’re on track. Reaching your workout targets has never been this easy!

Polar H7

How Polar Flow Works @ TMR

1) Buy a Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor at TMR.

2) Sign in to your PCT or 4 Series Class at TMR.

3) See your heart rate on screen and your instructor guides you forward.

4) Track your progress on the Polar Flow Web Service



Polar Loop – The activity tracker that makes you move.

Climb the stairs. Ride the waves. Jump over the fence. Choose what makes you move. Polar Loop tracks all the choices you make during the day and shows how they’re good for you. It also reminds you when you’ve been still for too long.


Polar Loop 2

On your wrist. On the web. On your mobile.

Track your activity – What made you move today? Polar Loop keeps track of every step, jump and run.

Reach your daily goal – See how each small choice can help.

Follow your achievements – Find out how the choices you’ve made are good for you.

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