The Motion Room  – Is it right for me?

Easy to learn, tailored workout programs based on goals and abilities.

Our Personal Co-Training & 4 Series System is easy to learn and tailored to your fitness level.

No program or direction to follow; You are not sure what to do.

Fitness Professionals motivating you at EVERY workout.

Every 120 days we recommend a Check-In Session to track your progress, and ask questions.

No check-in sessions, no assistance, no results tracking.

Our team of fitness professionals are always on hand to provide you individualized support and fitness instruction.

Stay Motivated & injury free with us by your side!

Workout alone with no encouragement. Pay Thousands of  Extra $$ for guidance.

Will I get the Support & Motivation that I need?

We make it easy! Optional meal plan guides and nutrition tracker available to you online 24 hours a day.

Download Complimentary Meal Guides: Weight LossFirm & ToneWeight Gain.

Extra $$ for meal plans and nutritional trackers.

You have access to our online network for easy class scheduling toolsexercise library, booking reminders and more. To See a Full list of feature click on the online network so see all of the TMR Online Help Guides.

No access to online health & fitness tools or exercise libraries.

It’s not just the trainers that make up our support system. Our members now have a way to support each other, meet their goals, and even get rewarded. Click Here to read our member Testimonials & Success Stories

No program or direction to follow; You are not sure what to do.

One Time Only - All Access 30 Day Starter Package

As a first time user you can take advantage of our Personal Training & 4 Series System All Access Pass $1/Day for your first 30 Days.

Getting Started Is Easy!

Choose which option that best describes you?

One Time Only - All Access 30 Day Starter Package

As a first time user you can take advantage of our Personal Training systems All Access Pass $1/Day for your first 30 Days.

I’m Not Interested In the All Access $1/Day 30 Day Starter Package, I want FREE Sessions Instead.

If you have already taken advantage of our free sessions for first time users but have not had a Starter Package you are eligible to re-join with these 30 Day Starter Packages:

If you have used a any type of Starter Package in the past and want to re-join us at The Motion Room connect with us below. We appreciate your business and will reach out to you with some specials to re-join us and continue your Fitness Journey.

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We track your progress; you see results. Getting the most out of your time at The Motion Room doesn’t necessarily mean working out longer or harder. The best way to improve your fitness and see results is to train at your optimum intensity level.

What is a TMR Check-In Session?

Every 90-120 days we recommend re-evaluating your body composition benchmarks, goals, and review your Personal Co-Training program or  boot camp training (4 Series) training as your fitness level increases to help you continue reaching your goals.

The number you see when you step on a scale can be misleading. Bench-marking the percentage of fat in relation to bone and muscle allows us to see how your weight is distributed, and gives a more accurate assessment than body weight and BMI alone.

TMR Check-In Sessions must be scheduled before you exercise. The Check-In Sessions (CIS) includes a number of measurements that provide an in-depth look at your body composition. We conduct 30 Minute (Express) Check-ins and a 60 Minute Session that is more comprehensive.

How do I prepare for the session? 

For your Check-In Session we recommend that you do not drink coffee, tea, alcohol or smoke within 4 hours of your session, as it may affect your performance and/or results during the assessment.

What does a TMR Check-In Session Cost?

As a member of The Motion Room your very first 30 Minute Express Check-In Session is always free. We recommend that you schedule one at the 3-4 week mark after you have started your journey with us.

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All Starter Packages, Limited Time Offers, and Free Sessions are for First TIme Users Only. 1 Per Person and cannot be used consecutively. All offers start from the day of activation and are only valid for the time purchased.

Personal Co-Training Includes “Meltdown” & “Core”

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