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Membership Terms & Conditions

Facility Rules & Regulations

Privacy & Security Policy

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and always welcome your feedback. Please fill out our Quality Survey and let us know how we are doing.


Our Members are always a source of inspiration for us all. Check out these testimonials and stories below from our great members as they share their personal journeys and experiences. Our approach to fitness workouts is designed to fit your lifestyle, schedule, and most importantly, give you the motivation and support you need to get going on the road to health.


Each Month we will be tacking your questions regarding fitness, health and TMR. Ask TMR will be written by The Motion Room’s Joseph Martino. Open to Members and Non-Members, we encourage you to ask your questions by sending us an email here or by sending us a message on Facebook!


I'm excited to join The Motion Room, How do I get started?

Visit our Get Started page and select the right starter package for you:

You can request your very first session for FREE.

Do I need to be a member to come to The Motion Room?

No. Everyone is welcome!

What do I need to wear to my workouts?

Wear comfortable workout clothes and indoor cross-trainers or running shoes. It is especially important that your shoes fit properly and provide the proper ankle support you need to workout.

Note: Please do not wear wet cross-trainers or running shoes to your workouts. You may be asked to remove them and or not participate in your workout.


How do credit (session) based memberships work?

Credits are tied to monthly or weekly payments.  After making a payment, the sessions become available to book in your profile. Any unused credits for the week or month will carry over and be valid as long as your membership is active.

Upon termination of the Agreement, any unused credits by the expiry date shall expire and will not be refunded. You do have an option to extend your after expiration. Please see Credit Reactivation below.

How do unlimited memberships work?

Unlimited memberships provide the most flexibility at The Motion Room. You have an unlimited amount of sessions. These credits are released upfront so you have the maximum flexibility with booking.

When I am on vacation can I get a program?

Yes, we will create a program for you based on the equipment you have available to you while on vacation. A programming fee of $49.99+HST applies for each program up to 4 weeks in length. This program will be sent to you electronically and will contain images and videos explaining your program.

Complimentary Options:

You may also take advantage of our complimentary programming options while you are on vacation. You are welcome to take any of your past programs (as long as you bring them back to us) or you may ask for a copy of our Active Rest “Dice” Workouts.

All requests must be submitted online by clicking here or through your member login area by signing in to your member portal.

What is the @Home Membership Option?

We provide our members every opportunity to take advantage of our programming wherever they choose to workout. We have 2 options for our members who wish to workout @Home our @ their commercial, condo, or work fitness centres.

@ Home Membership provides you with an 8 Week program complete with a 1-On-1 Check-In Session (CIS) at the end of the 8 week cycle. We are also able to create you a program to use at your commercial, condo, or work fitness centre.

These options come complete with instructional videos and images online to assist you with your program. We are always available to assist you whenever you need it. 8 Week or annual programs are available for purchase.

Please contact us for more information.

Can I do a short-term membership?

Yes. We have options to suit everyone. We have our regular memberships, promotional memberships, month-to-month memberships, bulk credit purchases and “drop-in” rates. Click here to purchase drop-in session or first-time user starter packages.

Can I share credits with a friend?

Yes.  All session or credit-based memberships can be shared with a friend or family member. A One-Time Fee of $49.99+HST applies to each family member or friend added. Unlimited Memberships cannot be shared. Not applicable to First Time user packages, deal site memberships, or complimentary session memberships.

All requests must be submitted online by clicking here or through your member login area by signing in to your member portal.

Can I refer a friend or family member?

Yes. We welcome all of your friends and family to try The Motion Room.

There are several ways your friends or family members can get started.

1) Take advantage of one of our 30 Day Starter Packages

2) Try their first session for FREE

Or give us a call or send us a message to see if their are any monthly specials they can take advantage of.

Friends & Referral 30 Day Complimentary Membership


Why do we ask you to schedule in advance?

We plan our upcoming schedule around you, so in order for us to be well-prepared for sessions, it is important to know who and how many people are attending a class. In addition for your safety in emergency situations we need to be able to account for all persons in the facility therefore it is essential you have made the correct booking.

Is there a cancellation fee if I don't show up for a session?

Yes. Like other service-based businesses, cancellations and any other scheduling changes must be made 24 Hours prior to a scheduled appointment to avoid billing.

For First Time user packages, deal site memberships, or complimentary session memberships the cancellation fee is in effect (Credit Based, Unlimited, or Free).

Please read your membership terms and conditions for more information.


What is a 1-on-1 Check-In Session?

1on1checkin_logoWe track your progress; you see results. Getting the most out of your time at The Motion Room doesn’t necessarily mean working out longer or harder. The best way to improve your fitness and see results is to train at your optimum intensity level.

What is a TMR Check-In Session?

Every 90-120 days we recommend re-evaluating your body composition benchmarks, goals, and review your Personal Co-Training program or  boot camp training (4 Series) training as your fitness level increases to help you continue reaching your goals.

The number you see when you step on a scale can be misleading. Bench-marking the percentage of fat in relation to bone and muscle allows us to see how your weight is distributed, and gives a more accurate assessment than body weight and BMI alone.

TMR Check-In Sessions must be scheduled before you exercise. The Check-In Sessions (CIS) includes a number of measurements that provide an in-depth look at your body composition.

How do I prepare for the session? 

For your Check-In Session we recommend that you do not drink coffee, tea, alcohol or smoke within 4 hours of your session, as it may affect your performance and/or results during the assessment.

What does a TMR Check-In Session Cost?

We have two different options for Check-In Sessions. We have our 30 Minute Express Check-In format or our full 60 Minute Check-In Session. Click here for more information.

How do I prepare for my 1-On-1 Check-In Session?

For your Check-In Session we recommend that you do not drink coffee, tea, alcohol or smoke within 4 hours of your session, as it may affect your performance and/or results during the assessment.


How are credits released on the credit-based membership?

Sessions will release monthly or weekly depending on your membership and are directly tied to payments

What happen's if I need more credits on a credit-based membership?

With a credit-based memberships we release credits monthly or weekly as they are tied directly to payments. If you find that you need more credits and would like us to take payments ahead so you can book please let us know. You can also purchase additional credits as drop in sessions, or you can upgrade your membership at any time.

If you need assistance with the above contact us online by clicking here or through your member login area by signing in to your member portal.

Can I add a 1-on-1 Session to my Personal Co-Training or 4 Series Membership?

We recommend you BOOST your Personal Co-Training and 4 Series System memberships with a 1-On-1 Session Once per week.

You can purchase a “First Time User” starter package for 1-on-1 Sessions at our “Get Started” page.

If you are on a Personal Co-Training or 4 Series System Membership, you can also add 1-on-1 Sessions to your program at a special rate. With this rate there is no commitment or minimum sessions to be purchased.

What happens if I have a build up of unused credits on an Active Membership?

At The Motion Room, we understand that life happens and at times you are unable to workout as often as you planned.

If you are on a Credit-Based Promotional Membership we offer you a 30 Day complimentary freeze annually to help you catch up. During this time you can workout all month without paying any membership fees!

If you still need more time after the 30 Days you are able to place your membership on freeze for a maximum of 90 days and still be able to workout at The Motion Room. During this period there is a $20+HST freeze fee per month.

Note: These options only apply to Credit Based Promotional Memberships.

What happens If I have unused credits after my membership is cancelled?

At The Motion Room, once your membership becomes inactive so do your unused credits/sessions.

You are able to Re-Activate these credits for a maximum period of 90 days or 30 days from the date of expiry. If you are on a Regular or Promotional Membership you can Re-Activate for a maximum period of 90 Days. If you are on a Month to Month Membership you can Re-Activate for a maximum period of 30 days.

These credits/sessions can be Re-Activated for $2+HST per month / credit.


If you have 10 credits / sessions remaining on a Regular or Promotional Membership and you want to Re-Activate them it would look like this:

10 credits X 3 Mos (90 Days) = 30 X $2 per Credit = $60+HST

Click Here to request a Credit Re-Activation


What are the facility Rules & Regualations?

Please read the facility Rules & Regulationsfor more information.

What type of change room / locker facilities do you have?

We have change rooms, showers, and lockers available for use with your membership. Please ensure you bring your own lock or you can buy one at the studio.

Where can I park?

TORONTO LOCATION: Free parking is available on most residential streets for 3 hours within the area. There are also several plazas in the surrounding area that offer paid parking options.

VAUGHAN LOCATION: Free parking is available in our parking lot directly off Vellore Woods.

Do you provide towels / mats?

Yes, we provide mats but we do not provide towels

Do you sell beverages?

Yes. Beverages can be purchased at reception.

What is Kidz360?

Yes, we do!  We offer Active Play, Night Gym, Morning Gym, and Boys and Girls Clubs. Summer, Winter, and March Break Camps are also available.

For more information, please contact:


Phone: 647.351.9360

Email: info@kidz360.ca

Visit: www.kidz360.ca


What are my Payment Options?

The Motion Room accepts cash, debit, Visa and Mastercard. Personal cheques and AMEX are not accepted forms of payment.

Note: To take advantage of our interest free easy payment plan the only accepted method of payment is a valid visa or mastercard.

Please read your membership terms and conditions for more information.

Do I have to pay in full?

At The Motion Room, there are no down payments or financing costs.  All of our memberships are setup on an easy payment plan at no additional cost. Our memberships are setup on weekly billing.

Please read your membership terms and conditions for more information.

Can I pay monthly for my membership?

Yes, our memberships by default are setup on an easy payment plan (weekly billing) to avoid large down payments. Monthly billing can also be setup for you upon request.

If you have more questions please contact us by clicking here or through your member login area by signing in to your member portal.


Please read your membership terms and conditions for more information.

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