You Don’t Have to Break the Bank to Get Fit

There are many things that could hold you back on your fitness journey, including your diet, your motivation level, your schedule, etc., but the balance in your checking account should not be one of them. When you consider the cost of gym fees, personal trainers, gym clothes, dietary supplements and...

TMR + Hitmen Entertainment

Have you noticed a different ‘vibe’ during your workouts at The Motion Room lately? We’ve teamed up with Hitmen Entertainment to give your workouts new fuel. Since January we’ve handed over control of our music to the great people at Hitmen Entertainment! The Hitmen have brought in new music and...

Training In Your Heart Rate Zones

TRAINING IN YOUR HEART RATE ZONES Your heart is the most important muscle in your body. Monitoring your heart rate during exercise and training within specific heart rate zones will allow you to know more accurately what intensity you are working at, and allow you to exercise much more efficiently...

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